Source Energy When I’m Fourteen

by David Radic

Source Energy When I'm Fourteen by David Radic of Dry County

A lot of my songs are about the story that follows.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

One day when I was fourteen, two friends and I decided to skip school. We left before the morning bell and walked into town, and we went to my friend’s house to get some mushrooms he had and eat them. After we ate them, we walked back toward the school and hung out at a daycare center for a while. It was really epic.

Then, after a while, we thought it would be best to go back to school and finish off the rest of the day like good boys and when we tried we got pulled into the main office by the vice principal right away and got suspended for a few days on account of the mushrooms and what not. I remember I had a hard time understanding why they would harsh on us because the whole day was so profoundly dope and harmless.

Anyway, most of my music is about capturing what it was like to be at that time and keeping the essence of it with me.


Artist’s Note
Kelowna, British Columbia
trip report

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