Exploring the Ghosts of the Past


Exploring the Ghosts of the Past by SYBLING
Hello there!

We are sisters Alice Makwaia and Mariana Quinn-Makwaia. We make up the duo SYBLING.

We have lived in New York City just about our entire lives, and we like to think our music mirrors our NewYorker-ness (eclectic and a bit mysterious).

Listen to the album while reading the text.

We like to put our music under the genre “dark folk,” as it carries the soft and dreamy essence of folk, but deals with serious and often grim content.

If one quote were, to sum up, the entirety of this EP it would be Kurt Vonnegut’s: “He is still very much alive in the past, so it is very silly for people to cry at his funeral.” In fact, the fourth song on our EP, “She is Still Alive in the Past,” is inspired by the very quote.

Our self-titled EP is our first release as SYBLING. It has been a twenty years in the making project. It is a very personal project, as it explores the ghosts of our past, and the way we try to seek out those people we once knew—who are, of course, still very much alive.

We hope you enjoy listening to our EP!


Sybling, Category: Artist, Singles: Sybling, Under, Top Tracks: The Grim, La Baleine, She Is Still Alive in the Past, Call Her Back, Under, Biography: Sybling is a NYC based duo, comprised of sisters Alice and Mariana Makwaia.



Artist’s Note
New York
Alternative, Dark Folk, Folk, Indie, Indie Folk
siblings, sisters

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