Classic hip hop, pledge of an indie label

by Ref Records

Classic hip hop, pledge of an indie label by Ref Records
Ref Records, Llc. was founded to provide a platform to artist old and new that embody a unique presence reminiscent of a time when music was as creative as competitive.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Ref Records, Llc is an indie music label that will feature artists from a variety of genres. Inspired by record labels such as Motown, Stax, DefJam, Philadelphia International Records and more Ref Records is poised to publish quality recordings and songs into the new era streaming method of distribution and also feature Cds and Vinyl special offers during limited promotions.

The first completed hip hop project Rox Ran “Switch Hitter” is the first installment to start off. Following the first album release, will be several singles collaborations with veteran artist and a fall/winter hip hop project. Eventually, the label will begin networking music concepts concerning pop, rock, and reggae possibly even contribute to a live comedy album and indie film score.


Worldwide, Universal
Hip-Hop, Rap, Classic Hip-Hop
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