Bittersweet Melancholy Drenched in Feedback

by Just Like Honey

Bittersweet Melancholy Drenched in Feedback by Just Like HoneyThere is no other band that we know of, which sounds like JUST LIKE HONEY. Maybe that is because we never play cover versions of other people’s songs. We recently noticed that also Joy Division never played any cover versions. We love this thought.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

Sitting Between the Chairs

Having a unique sound puts us between a rock and a hard place. The typical rock show audience regards us as being “too nice” and “too sweet” whereas mainstream radio considers us being “too noisy” and utterly much “too non-conformist.”

If you were to ask us to describe our music with one expression, we would probably say “Pop music,” although we are painfully aware of the fact that nowadays the term “Pop music” means something entirely different. Good Pop songs tell a story. However, one common thread is the fact that not a single of our songs provides an easy giveaway of its true meaning.

We also love overdriven vintage amps with some healthy reverb and feedback. Guitar noise is always a good thing. Somebody recently referred to our sound as “bittersweet melancholy drenched in voluptuous feedback.” That hits the nail on the head. We instantly liked that expression so much that we started using it on the internet. Being noisy doesn’t refrain us from publishing smoothed-out acoustic guitar versions of some of our songs though.

Organical Developments

When working on songs, we seem to automatically decide whether a song will become rougher and noisier or will remain rather smooth and mellow. It feels as if the songs themselves take that decision and guide us through the creative process.

Oddly enough more songs than ever have decided to fall on the noisy side recently. We, therefore, can’t help but think we’re on the way to becoming a noisier band. It’s an interesting development, especially since it seems to be happening organically rather than as a result of a conscious decision. Let’s see where this will take us.

Collective Minds

It is a common occurrence that a name or word pops to our collective minds – it could be a song or album title or some random piece of inspiration – and it tends to stick with all of us straight away, without the need of discussing or elaborating any further. Steve, our drummer, maintains it’s a revelation of us being soulmates, even though we’re never quite sure whether he might be kidding.

Perfect example: “Dreamland.” Somehow, we knew that was going to be our album title, long before we even contemplated recording it. Someone suggested “Let’s call it Dreamland,” and everyone was on board that very moment. It felt like the name was out there even before havingbeen spelt out loud.

The same happened with our forthcoming album “The Weight of the Stars”. The name then served as a beacon during the whole songwriting and recording process, which felt amazing.

Just Like Honey

It was somewhat similar for our band name. Patrick and Bianca simultaneously said JUST LIKE HONEY at our first rehearsal – and that was the end of that discussion right there. Nobody ever looked back since. Unlikemost bands that go through foot-long lists with loads of potential names of varying degrees of funniness or inspiration we were all on board with our first inspiration 100%.

The name JUST LIKE HONEY may, of course, be seen as a hat-tip to The Jesus And Mary Chain. It might also refer to the character of our music, which is mostly sweet or bittersweet despite the odd guitar noise. And yes, we are all very aware of the glaring and ubiquitous sexual connotation.


Artist’s Note
New York
Alternative Rock, Alternative, Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Dream Pop
Heavy Pop

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