As Strange as Fiction

by Emma Forman

As Strange as Fiction by Emma FormanIf there was one song that I’ve written that sums up my whole life perfectly it is “As strange as fiction.” I’m sorry to admit that I’ve burned some bridges in life, especially when I was younger. And to be honest, this has probably been a factor that has held me back in music. I hope I have learned from this.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

To me, the song resonates because it expresses perfectly how I felt at the time when I wrote it. It captures that moment when I had fallen in love and then decided I didn’t want to be in love anymore, so sabotaged the relationship only to come back full circle in the realization that I loved them once they had moved on with someone else.

Also, a lot has happened to me since I wrote that song that keeps bringing it all back to the surface. Life has not been predictable for me.

I wrote this song years ago, back in the early 2000s. It was brought to life by the duo I was part of, Emma Forman and Dusty Valentino, and I’m still proud of that stripped back recording. Dusty’s guitar playing and backing vocals on that recording is just stunning.

But this year I did something I had wanted to do for years: I recorded a band version of the track with the help of a fabulous musician called Jony Strachan. You can’t predict where life will take you and all the curve balls it will go through at you and that is the message of the song as well as being a love song.

If you had told me I would return to the town where I grew up, I would never have believed you. Because it was always my intention to make a life somewhere else like a big city. Yet here I am. For a while, I lived in  Dumfries and absolutely loved it there. It is such a beautiful part of the UK. But I have to say, as I’ve grown older, I’ve grown to appreciate this little town.

The other thing that was a huge priority to me was finding the right one when I was younger. But now I guess I’m resigned to the fact that perhaps I made too many mistakes to find love and I’m too used to be being on my own now. Perhaps  I’m a little scared of being in love now. Strange thing that as most of the songs I write are love songs. I’ve been both reckless and timid in love and often done things/not done things and then regretted them.

It is my hope that this song strikes a chord with those that listen to it because sometimes life is as strange as fiction. Oh and by the way one thing: I would love to hear another artist cover the song. So if you are a performer and feel like covering the song send me a link to your work.

Emma Forman

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