As Delicate As Dust Obscures

by L. Valerie

As Delicate As Dust Obscures by L. Valerie

Music is a strange medium of expression. I feel a need to articulate something, but often am not sure what it is I’m trying to say, even after I’ve completed a project.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

But that’s probably more of a reflection on myself than the art form. I’m finding that the age of twenty is a great time to be confused – about life, one’s purpose, etc.

I’ve been self-releasing my lo-fi pop experiments since 2015, with the exception of two (very) short EPs that came out through San Diego’s Bleeding Gold Records. Very recently, I put out my first full-length record, titled ELECTRO-PAMPAS. I feel that it captures the simultaneous push/pull of uncertainty and relentless energy that is common in people my age – a desire to do something, but what? (It can’t just be me, right?)

We tend to bookmark all our moments in life with music, whether it be as a listener or a creator. Life and art tend not only to imitate each other but give each other context. Every batch of songs I’ve ever released has its memories, its themes of whatever was on my mind at that moment. I think that everything I’ve made and will make will continue to serve that purpose of “figuring it out.” Whatever that means, as our art and lives are whatever we want them to be.



New York
Alternative, Electronic, Pop, Dance
experimental pop, avant-pop

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