Don Gady drops 5th Studio Project this Month

by DonGady

Don Gady drops 5th Studio Project this Month
A hot new young talented artist with a real gift for words and expressing ideas through written works is exactly what the game has been missing, the missing link to some of the middle-class black community that has been left out of the scene in hip-hop.

Don Gady has been creating music for years, and he has now experimented within the craft and growing more every day. In the month of June alone he has dropped five new musical projects + singles + collab projects, truly a fruitful season for the Don it has proved to be. Follow the links to keep up on his journey to becoming his best.

DXE’s WORLDTREE by “Don Gady”

flowers in my hair, demons in my head…available on major platforms like Spotify/iTunes/BandCamp/Youtube topic page as well thankyou




Artist’s Note
Vestige Culture, DXE, Music Business, DonGadyAiR, Simonamani, Don Gady, Gemons, DonGady, Anti-Gang

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