A Primer on London’s bright-burning young Jazz Scene

A project from Brownswood Recordings celebrating London’s young jazz scene.

We Out Here is the fantastic new compilation from Brownswood Recordings. It brings together a collection of some of the sharpest talents of London’s young jazz scene.

The London based independent label Brownswood Recordings, founded in 2008 by Gilles Peterson, released its showcase of the “new generation of London jazz” on February 9. The nine new tracks for the album have been recorded in a three-day session in August 2017 in a studio in London.

“The album bottles up some of the vital ideas emanating from that burgeoning movement. A reflection of how London’s jazz-influenced music has reached outward into new spaces, the sound of the record draws from a wide pool. There’s plenty of crossover between each of the groups, too, speaking to the close-knit circles which make up the scene; shared line-ups reflect the mutual cooperation and DIY spirit which are second-nature.”

Buy the compilation from iTunes.

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