Washington Drive: Be Punk, Do It Yourself!

by Gus Goldsmith

Washington Drive: Be Punk, Do It Yourself! by Gus Goldsmith
Hi, my name is Gus Goldsmith. I’m sixteen years old. I’ve been writing and recording songs in my house for about three years. It’s always just been me, a microphone, and as many instruments as I could teach myself to play. When I couldn’t find anyone to play music with, I did it myself. When I didn’t have anyone to publish my music, I sent it out myself. If I can get my music to mean something to anyone but me, then my goal is accomplished.

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When I was in seventh grade, I started wanting to make my own music. I began writing and recording songs with whatever I had. A guitar, a bass, a drum kit, a piano, a desktop computer, and a Blue Yeti microphone. I wanted to make songs that didn’t particularly mash all of the music I liked together but put together albums made up of all different kinds of songs. I wanted to tell stories and make the music I wanted to hear.

I’m now about to finish my sophomore year in high school, and I don’t see myself ever stopping. My biggest inspirations have been Green Day, Against Me!, and Twenty One Pilots. Instead of trying to combine their sounds, I wanted to capture what I loved about each and make it my own.

I have now released three albums and four EPs. My plan is now to focus on live performance, as I have plenty of material. I love to perform, and I love playing as hard as I can. I want to eventually make my show as theatrical as possible, but for now, I’m giving it all I have.

Washington Drive

Washington Drive, Category: Artist, Albums: Dressed to Impress, Singles: Lucky to Be Living, Shelly Franklin Gets Evicted, Top Tracks: Shelly Franklin Gets Evicted, Disconnected, You Bum Me Out/Half-Ass, Contrast!boys!, Goodbye, Monthly Listeners: 7, Where People Listen: Huntsville, Goodwater, Gadsden, Birmingham, Florence


Artist’s Note
Huntsville, Alabama
Punk, Alternative Rock
punk, alt-rock

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