Waking Up From A Coma

by Mobius

Waking Up From A Coma by Mobius

We’re a three-piece band; we grew up in different places, met two years ago and started up playing in a basement that now we can call our own. It’s awful and depressing that in Greece, you never get much attention or the respect you deserve as an artist, except if you are a rapper, a metaller, or a traditional type musician. It’s so hard to find live gigs here when you play the kind of music we do. I believe that this is one of the main reasons we need to get out of here for good if we get the chance.

The name of the band comes from my brother’s syndrome Mobius and it has to do with facial nerve paralysis and being expressionless, which happens to remind me of what I think about the world I live in, paralyzed, and emotionless.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

As a composer and songwriter, I grew up listening to many great bands of the ’60s and ’70s, such as Wishbone Ash, Camel, Pink Floyd, The Who; I really can’t name them all right now, but lots of their vinyl are still in my father’s arsenal (haha). When I was three years old, I still remember myself crying and shouting at my mother when she was about to feed me fruit cream that she was always used to prepare and, suddenly, I heard a bell and I instantly stopped crying. It was Hell’s Bells by AC/DC playing through my father’s turntable that made me calm down. The same thing did happen with the song Pigs by Pink Floyd. If I ever have a child, I’ll try that out, too!

Later, at the age of 14, I listened to Joy Division and The Cure. These bands were the reason I started digging up more and more music of the late ’80s and early ’90s, along with The Pixies. Among others, Radiohead and Blur stood out in my mind as the most exciting and inventive bands of all time. Jonny Greenwood’s guitar playing style made me buy my first guitar, which, of course, was a Telecaster… I strongly believe that The Bends and Modern Life is Rubbish are one of the most timeless, iconic, influential and brilliant albums that have ever been written, and they shouldn’t be missing in any home. Let’s hope that one day we’ll get to play in the UK or even in some other good festivals elsewhere.

Our music and the way we think about composition is a mixture of many different approaches that we individually have in the band. One of our main principles, when we’re about to write and record something, is to not sound flat, lifeless, and with no nerve like most of the artists and bands do in the last decade. That’s a fact and, it’s scary, especially in the field of rock music, and what’s gonna happen to it. Nowadays, ”rock music” is like a person that had a car accident, spends ten years in a hospital bed in a state of coma, and somebody or something needs to wake him up. Sadly there’s a lack of spirit, melody, and outburst in today’s rock world… if it really still exists. A true artist should compete with others in terms of composition, inventiveness, uniqueness, and stop caring about how many views or likes you get on a youtube channel.

In today’s digital world a lot of this has to do with the illustration of everything and for us that’s bad when we talk about audio and picture separation. The most repellent thing that happens a lot and comes as a result of all this, is how people killing the moment in a live concert with their mobile phones standing like reporters; it’s really sad seeing all this. A lot of our work and lyrics has to do with some of these matters.

The aim of art is the revelation of the beautiful, the social reflection, and that sometimes makes people think, and it feels nice if you’re that artist.


Mobius. Chalcis, Greece.


Artist’s Note
Chalcis, Greece
Alternative, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

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