The light inside my heart

by Nate Flud

The light inside my heart
My reason for making this album was to bring positivity into the cold world that we’re living in these days. With new music being written every day, I’m determined to keep showing the light that I have glowing inside my heart.

If you like music ranging from Hip Hop, Indie Rap, Experimental, or New Wave, to even Punk/Hardcore, then I’d say that my music is definitely something that you need to dive into headfirst. I’ve  come a long way, having just released a brand new EP called “Raise The Anchor,” after having made six prior albums and a handful of singles.

Raise the Anchor

I used the title “Raise The Anchor” to depict life as a voyage over the open sea, showing us that we need to raise our anchors and keep moving forward. The “anchor” is also metaphorical for the weight that we all carry these days. “Raise The Anchor” is a combination of heavy Hip Hop/Trap bass, solid production, live guitar and memorable lyricism. With me on both vocals and guitar, and my friend Elmic Beatz on production, it brings raw emotion and depth with every word and melody. Check it out and see for yourself! I’m sure there’s something that you’d like to right dive into.


Los Angeles, California
Alternative, Hip-Hop/Rap, Indie, New Wave
Indie, Trap, acoustic, positive

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