The Soft Light, the Debut Album by Turvy Organ

Debut Album by Turvy Organ: The Soft Light

While our artist of the week, Denver’s own Turvy Organ are actually in the studio to record their new album, we still have their fantastic debut The Soft Light to enjoy.

Catchy as Hell

Released on March 1, 2016, the record still sounds up to date. The unique songwriting gives way to honest and thought-provoking melodies that are hard to ignore and easy to lose yourself in. Turvy Organ reminds us of the 90’s music scene inspired by the likes of Pixies, Modest Mouse, and Bright Eyes. “Unresolved, unconcerned and catchy as hell.” Says Control+Alt+Delight.

The Soft Light as Soundposter

You can listen to Turvy Organ’s debut album The Soft Light on Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud or here on our unique Soundposter:

New Single Out

Don’t miss Turvy Organ’s new single City Lights, which marks the beginning of the new album.

Also, watch out for their planned tour this summer.

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