Indie-Pop at its best: Meet the Turvy Organ

Indie-Pop at its best: Meet the Turvy Organ

This week’s featured artist is the Denver based band Turvy Organ. They declare themselves being mostly influenced by┬áConor Oberst and the Bright Eyes. But it is undeniable, that their roots go back to the British Indie-Pop of the 80s. Bands like Echo & the Bunnymen, Edwyn Collins’ Scritti Politti and the Pastells come to mind quickly.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Attitude

Much more, Indie-Pop is not only famous for its catchy guitar songs, but also for its DIY ethic. This ethic, borrowed from the late 70s Punk invasion, most notably expressed itself in the C86 cassette movement. While Cassettes, in the 80s the easiest and less expensive way to distribute music, have like Vinyl kind of a revival, the DIY method is now mostly approached on the internet, by platforms like SoundCloud, Bandcamp or CD Baby.

We wouldn’t go as far as calling Turvy Organ a prototype of a DIY band. But, as the singer and band-leader Ilya state, he started the group in his parent’s garage with not much more than two tape recorders, a Casio toy piano, and a few poems. And until today, the band likes to stay independent and experimental in what it does.

From Poems to Indie-Pop

For some time, Ilya played together with guitarist Paul mostly at open mikes. Only about two years ago, the band found its full line-up of six, which is both intricate and compelling. Since the group consists of three siblings, their tightness on stage is remarkable. For the past months, they mostly played in venues around Denver. But their sound and catchy tunes are no doubt ready for a broader audience. Therefore, tour bookers, listen to this music and bring the band to venues all around the country!

New Album soon

At long last, Turvy Organ is releasing a new single called City Lights, taken from their upcoming album. It’s been nearly two years since their previous release, and through many trials and tribulations, they have explored the dichotomy within themselves.

Listen to the single on our audio-visual Soundposter:


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