Artistic Integrity through a Collective

Artistic Integrity by The WUMP Collective

In an industry of saturation, as today’s music business should be seen, it is tough to stay focused on the artistic part. Understanding your band as a business is an often heard advice. Much more, there are books written about it. On the other hand, the WUMP Collective pursues the strategy to stay full of integrity, This, by supporting each other as kind of a family.

Artistic Integrity through free Downloads

The WUMP Collective is a bunch of befriended musicians, artists, and creative minds. They all represent original, forward-thinking art, integrity and purposefulness. Also, they refuse to compromise their artistic integrity by conforming to the music business. Consequently, they offer all of their music for “name your price” download on Bandcamp. And make it available for free stream on Soundcloud. You can still buy their music on iTunes or Amazon, or stream it on Spotify, but it is your free choice.

Since they are not focusing on selling music and peeking on the charts, the collection’s members can again entirely focus on their art. They were cultivating their music production skills over the past few years. As a result, the WUMP musicians have developed the ability to allow the listener an intimate, directly personal connection with the artist through their music.

Because apart from the charts, “Art is about much more than that. The WUMPions have each endured trials and tribulations in life, as we all have. Instead of ignoring and suppressing the pain, as much of westernized society does, we embrace the opportunities for growth, and have learned to channel the life experience into creation.” — from an interview on

Glass Cannon

Glass Cannon, one of the many WUMP Collection’s musical artists, is a 3-piece livetronica band out of Lubbock, Texas. Their sound reminds you strongly of Portishead. Or our former artists of the week, 5K HD from Vienna.

In the fall of 2017, the band released their debut album ‘Strange Toes.’ It inspired the WUMP Collective artists so much that they decided to put together an EP of remixes. The EP featurs five wholly reenvisioned renditions of the original songs. We are sure you enjoy!



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