DIY Music Videos as made by Turvy Organ

DIY Music Videos as made by Turvy Organ

Turvy Organ, our featured artist of this week, is not only a fantastic band when it comes to songwriting. No, they also take care of their visuals and shoot their music videos themselves. A great inspiration for other independent musicians, for sure.

Different Approaches for DIY Music Videos

For their 2016 debut album The Soft LIght, band-leader Ilya Litoshik created together with Beau Schwarz three music videos. The video for Dust Of Time reuses material found elsewhere. And Golden Role mostly consists of shootings not directly connected to the band. On the other hand, Katrina is a genuine shoot of the group, meeting the uniqueness of the song perfectly:



For the new single City Lights Ilya again reused found material to support the meaning of the song:


Soundposter’s Video Theme

Reusing content is an approach we at Soundposter also support. For our video theme, we play a (royalty free) from YouTube on top of an image, as can be seen on yesterdays post about Turvy Organ. It is also possible to paste a video over another video, something we like to often do to enrich live videos. And even more, you can show a video over another video over an image.

Why not try it out yourself?

Much more

Besides they do also feature some live shoots on their YouTube channel. Check it out!

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