by Tyler J. Binkley

A Flight of Fancy by Tyler J. Binkley (aka Tin Spurs)

Seemingly unnaturally bound to an almost comically ignorant lover the story of Tin Spurs would start unraveling itself to me like Orpheus’ melodies echoing back from a once true and vibrant love of life and those I had shared it with.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

This story is a flight of fancy and the catastrophic beauty it created in its’ wake.

A Beginning in Los Angeles

Once an all too proud yuppie “D-bag,” myself, turned to a partying lifestyle as a means to facilitate some unknown progression for my life as I worked for a HBO Production as an editorial production assistant in the West Los Angeles area.

Mixing working days with debaucherous nights doubled by caring for a younger emotionally scarred lover who would always test my limits at home.  We both were interested in the other for what the other had to offer. He needed a place to stay and a car to get around. And I needed change and what better way to change than through saving someone!

I saw him as a mirror of myself. Offering him guidance and fraternity was either going to be the desired change I had hoped to facilitate in two ways. It would either be a  graceful change or a chaotic change.

My balance would be thrown off by the season concluded with HBO and I would walk away from my editorial assistant position to seek experience and guidance elsewhere.

From Texas back to California

I traveled the US until landing in Texas until 2015 where I began to record the albums that are now “tired Liar” and “Applicable introspective.” All the while only mildly believing in the direction my choices had led me I always kept an underlining happiness to work and an underlining happiness to play.

After picking up a drug charge and absconding to California where I would be a vagabond with my guitar and squatters rights which didn’t take me further than the trust I had in my past lovers and the system. When I lost my guitar, I had nothing, so I got a job and bought a guitar which was cheap. And so when I left LA, I left the guitar with another vagabond.

Landing in Portland

Eventually, after moving to Portland, Oregon, I would sell some paintings to my brother for a gift certificate to Amazon where I procured my next new K-tone which I used for most of the Tin Spurs albums.

So much more to say but I love you if you hear me will have to do for now;
Tyler J. Binkley, Tin Spurs

Artist’s Note
Portland, Oregon
Alternative, Grunge
DIY, solo male artist, guitar, vagabond, California, Los Angeles, Texas

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