Reconcile Differences Through Music

by Joseph Gara

Reconcile Differences Through Music by Joseph Gara of Reddmond & Joey
It’s hard for me to write about my music without being pathetic. That’s why I wrote this text about the backgrounds of my band Reddmond & Joey in the form of an interview.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

What made you start writing music?

Redd and I started playing together back in high school covering Beatles and Nirvana tunes; it wasn’t until college came around when we started making music together again, and since then we’ve made two albums.

What was your main inspiration?

I’d say our main inspiration would have to be the psychedelic and hard rock from the late 60s early 70s, Floyd and Sabbath, Led Zeppelin are overrated. Also, bands like Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins from the early 90s were major influences on our music. We also love old school hip-hop like Biggie, Pac, Jay, Rakim, the list goes on and on…

When did you realize you wanted to write songs?

We realized that we wanted to put our own music out around 2015/2016, putting out Hijacked in the summer of 2016, that’s one of our first songs.

Did it just click one day?

It certainly took time to click; we became disenchanted when a third party got involved and ruined all our songs, being more focused on image and the notion of becoming more popular than the actual music itself. That person shall remain unnamed.

Why did you start working with Reddmond and did that work out right away, or did it take some time?

It certainly took some time, me and Redd have had our ups and downs, but I believe through music we’ve been able to reconcile our differences in the past and work together as a unit. Now we finally have a bassist and his name is Adam, he’s one cool cat.

Reddmond & Joey

Reddmond & Joey, Category: Artist, Albums: Hope You’re Doing Well (Mastered), Hope You’re Doing Well, Dark Blue, Dark Blue, Hope You’re Doing Well, Singles: Indifference, Feeling 22, Arsenic, Light Beam, Denied, Top Tracks: Light-Beam, Eighty-Eight, Melon, More Time (Bass), Feeling 22, Biography: Adam Cyran – Bass, Monthly Listeners: 46, Where People Listen: Brooklyn, New York City, Purchase, Newark, Metuchen


Artist’s Note
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Alternative, Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, Garage Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock

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