Mother Coyote was a hassle to make, but I’m really proud now

by Pablo de Leon

Mother Coyote was a hassle to make but I’m really proud now by Pablo de Leon
We started out recording this album (Mother Coyote) as nothing serious. Originally it was supposed to be a four-song demo, so we started at a really slow pace. I went up to the studio maybe once a week to record some guitars or something. But as it evolved, it started to become a full album.

I began to push to get things moving faster but, a lot of problems started to come along: Like getting the drums recorded and getting the right drummer, getting the right keyboard player, someone to mix and master and someone to make the album cover. Everything took almost two years, and it was a real hassle, but now I feel very proud, and it turned out to be a great album!!

Listen to the album while reading the text.

The Mother Coyote Band has a debut album out (22, April 2017). The sound came to be just letting all the influences I had throughout my life to manifest. A direction was never even considered in this project, that album sounds the way it sounds, and I think that’s really great.

Currently, we’re working on a second album, which will be out in 2019. It will sound different than the first one, but following the same thread stylistically. All my life I’ve been listening to Rock/Blues and all that comes along with it, so I think it was really natural to me that the songs sound the way they sound.

Sometimes I take some direction, but my mind keeps changing. So I think every record is a different trip and wouldn’t like to be compromised with a genre. Always trying to get things out of jazz musicians and all kinds of music!!

Pablo De León & the Mother Coyote Band

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Rock, Blues, Country, Folk

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