Mini Adventures in Self-Expression

by David Kingston

Mini Adventures in Self-Expression by David KingstonAs a singer-songwriter for me, each song is a mini-adventure in self-expression. Typically spanning just a few days from inception to release into the world. That is the reality of it, so my approach is to honor that, and especially resist the temptation to contrive into something artificially grand, or to morph into some sort of a product aimed at securing commercial return.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

For me, success is achieved where I have said what I set out to say, and in a way that is consistent with the sensibilities of my soul. Having said this, I am keen to find ways to place my offerings before people who find value in them.

It makes me think of God. Perhaps in the ‘beginning’ he/she found it was not enough to simply know that something ‘worthy’ had come into existence … it also needed to be understood, acknowledged & appreciated by autonomous others? Is it because there is something of the divine in each and every one of us, we all desire to be understood and acknowledged?

OK … what I have to offer may not be your cup of tea, but just in case it is I invite you to check me out on Bandcamp or stream my music on Apple Music/Spotify. And may I take this opportunity to wish you well on your journey.

Songs of Dave



Artist’s Note
UK, London
Alternative, Singer-Songwriter
consciousness, Hare Krishna, Spirituality, spiritual

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