Why put all of your music on SoundCloud like Turvy Organ does?


Bands like Turvy Organ put all of their music on SoundCloud for free streaming without limits (no 30-second previews like others). Why do they do it, when there are no direct revenues for most artists on that platform?

SoundCloud or Bandcamp or…

All streaming platforms have no exclusivity clause, so it is no problem to upload your tracks on as many platforms as you wish. Turvy Organ has their music not only on SoundCloud but also on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.Services like CD Baby or Tunecore make it easy to distribute music to multiple platforms (read a comparison here).

All of these platforms have different advantages – and disadvantages. When it comes to SoundCloud, it’s mostly about getting your music heard. It’s perfect to post early releases and to promote your music, so it creates revenue on other streaming platforms or bought somewhere else. As we described in an earlier post, it actually makes sense to give away your music for free and make revenues with other channels.

Single exclusive on SoundCloud

Apart from demos and early takes, it is relatively seldom that bands put single tracks exclusively on SoundCloud. Turvy Organ did so with their single Divv/ecto. We have taken the track Rotten Wink and created – also exclusively – a turntable Soundposter for you:

New Single Out

Don’t miss Turvy Organ’s new single City Lights, which marks the beginning of the new album.

Also, watch out for their planned tour this summer.

Besides that, they do also feature some live shoots on their YouTube channel. Check it out!

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