A Singles Collection by Kris Angelis

Singles by Kris Angelis

This is the last post in a series of seven about this week’s featured artist Kris Angelis from Los Angeles. Apart from her debut album and two EPs, she has released quite a few singles in the past years. They are all very different, but nonetheless, typically Kris and worth a listen.

Singles Gallery Soundposter

We collected all her singles to one Soundposter. In the Gallery mode, you see all the covers, in the list mode, there are also the lyrics to most of the songs.

Buy the music of Kris Angelis from iTunes.

Yes, and please don’t forget that Kris has her brand new single A Billion Hearts coming out on February 9th. Pre-order the song and help Kris to get on the iTunes Charts even before it’s officially in the stores.


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