Lost & Found: Instrumental Surf Music by The Astronettes

Lost & Found: Instrumental Surf Music by The Astronettes

Who remembers the ESTRUS label? Great inspiration in the 90s, with such fantastic bands like The Mono Men, The  Makers, and Man Or Astroman. Not to forget the unbelievable quirky Mummies or Von Zippers. And although the only album by The Astronettes is not on the label, I bought it from their mail order service.

The album, released in 1990, is not from an all-girl nude surf group as described in the liner notes on the back cover. Much more, it’s a cool bootleg compilation of instrumental surf music by the legendary 60’s band The Astronauts, on the probably also fake French label Astro Records. Since the gag is done very slick, and the song selection is formidable, don’t hesitate to buy it if you happen to find the Vinyl at some flea market or auction.

The Astronettes Back Cover

The Astronettes “consists” of drummer Fifi, brain and guitarist Mademoiselle X, Carol on guitar and Patricia on bass. And, as Mademoiselle X explains: “We play bon, but we cannot write zee songs, oui? So who cares? At least we know it, and we know zee good songs to cover, The Astronauts.”

The songs on the record are:
  1. Che! Che? Che!
  2. Martian Pyramid Stomp
  3. Movin Beyond
  4. Hot Dog Food Pouch
  5. Firewaters Of Alpha Gabba
  6. Space Party
  7. Drinkin And Astronavigatin
  8. Surf Into Space
  9. Gouch!
  10. Quiet Planet
  11. Space Silent
  12. Space Dock
  13. Quasimoto X9

Have a listen (if you don’t mind the gaps between songs) to this excellent surf music, fake or not:


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