Slacking a bit, working some, thinking a little.

by Christyan Lundblad

Slacking a bit, working some, thinking a little. by Christyan Lundblad
Christyan Lundblad is talking about life in a small town with creative freedom.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

In a Small Town

I live in a small town in Denmark. I live here because I used to go to an art school here. I tried to move to Copenhagen, but I didn’t get any jobs. “Your drawing style is too narrow,” they said.

So I live in this small town where I have a newspaper round. It only takes about 45 minutes per day. At the art school, I run a magazine called Blazing Squids. I put the students’ artwork in the magazine and write articles about what I want, more or less. In my “spare time,” I draw, paint and make music.

A New Band Every 6 Months

I had a band called the Cannon Birds which was sort of an Indie Punk band. It became Punk because we got better as we played faster.

Now I start a new band almost every six months. It works well because my few friends and I are good at improvising. And we are not afraid of sounding like other bands. I think it’s good not to be afraid of that. In the end when you mix your favorite bands, and you add the time it will become your own sound.

It’s the same with drawing.

It’s Always the Drummer…

I had a crunchy-sounding rock band called Pow Pow and the Tiger Stripes in the Spring of 2018. But we only played a few concerts because our drummer got a job in Bristol, England. We tried to change to a new drummer, but it just sounded like the Cannon Birds.

And we wanted to move forward.

So now I play in a band called Predator’s Pace. It’s a Heavy/Sludge band because that’s the style our new drummer is best at playing. I tried before to be the boss in the band and tell everyone how to play, but it didn’t turn out as I wanted. So now I go with what the drummer is best at.

Express Myself

I write most of my music and lyrics when I am walking outside and at home watching TV. So when I am not doing much, I am still working on something. I guess that goes for a lot of musicians. And I feel that I come out with more creative things if I don’t play the guitar for a while. It’s always like a fresh start.

I have access to a sound studio where I rehearse and record with my bands. I don’t know much about producing. The only tricks I know is “reverb” and “equalize.”

When I was a teen, I wanted to be a rock star. In my 20’s I hoped to release records. I am a bit introvert and not good at selling myself and all the labels, mostly underground ones, said no thanks. So I guess the best thing to do now is to pay for my own vinyl prints. And sell them at concerts.

Yep, that’s what I will do. And express myself through my magazine…….Hope you will like my music out there.

Christyan Lundblad’s recordings, both finished records and recordings from rehearsals.
Christyan Lundblad’s artwork

Artist’s Note
Alternative, Indie, Underground
Christyan Lundblad, Viborg, Cannon Birds, Pow Pow and the Tiger Stripes, Predator’s Pace

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