Painting Dolphins On The Wall

by _Dude is Walk

Painting Dolphins On The Wall by Dude Is Walk
My friend that traveled with me said this one thing that music is magic and it is all that creates reality. I didn’t understand that until things I wrote in songs started to happen in my life in the future. That’s where I will leave off. Grateful to join this community.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

The Value of Things

Sometimes inspiration is only a couple dollars away, and that makes sense lately. Recently I purchased two awesome things from the greatest music store on earth. Goodwill and all the community run thrift shops in my area. I scored a Casiotone last night and the item from a couple of weeks ago a small portable tape recorder.

The Casiotone is amazing to mess around with and excited to see how it affects my music and how I relate to the learning process and exploration a couple of dollars now affords me. Times have changed for me I used to have very expensive gear, and now I have things I cherish more than the ones I used to own. I spent a great deal of investment throughout the years on gear and fancier toys.

Resilience and Gratitude

About ten years ago my life changed I became more mentally ill. Suffering from what used to be called a nervous breakdown or manic-depressive episode. I was in full flight from reality and lost to it most of all I ever made of myself. Finding work in my career seemed to just end all at once. People knew I was not well and probably were correct I couldn’t work as a software developer and artist anymore. Things in life teach us resilience and gratitude. I liked what I used to own, but it was not really fully appreciated until I had this financial and mental collapse.

I went from being able to purchase mainly all wanted to find myself living homelessly in my van from time to time, even by a river sometimes “falls on the coffee table.” For all practical purposes, I quit caring, and I had lost all hope in the world. It was actually a good thing for I spent years isolated because of the issues my illnesses had produced. Much of my earlier music I was in psychosis on and off and recorded music every day. Writing well over a few thousand songs or ideas.

I used a few names through the years to release music as, currently I am sticking with Dude is Walk, for it has no meaning I can think of at all. I got the name from a bathroom wall at a campground in Northern California. I wrote songs about everything I was going through each day pouring out ideas and my emotions into them. Some are totally not good at all just scrap for a heap of ideas. Others had some potential but still not quite there yet for me.

 Grateful and Inspired

So now back to being grateful and inspired. I have overcome a lot of my PTSD and Bipolar Disorder and have managed to make some progress by working on my spirituality and also taking my dang meds every day. Dude is Walk is maybe about me walking again in a relaxed manner lately. Letting go of the past and hoping to write a new legacy for myself.

This is a review of an album I recently deleted my older works that this was pertaining to in the article.

“They Are Sleeping, Dude Is Walk: I have no idea what the fuck “Dude Is Walk” means. I have less of an idea what this music is. It’s a bizarre, obscenely long collection of experimental sounds, post-rock, and exotica that makes little to no sense together but is a hell of an interesting listen. … there are interesting things to be found between the tape experiments and noise tracks.” – SD City Beat

I am working on a lot of the time on an inventive software for translating brainwaves into music and visuals. Some of the output of the software is in some of my work. I am making shitty tape cassettes and loving it. Using also equipment I find at the Goodwill, Salvation Army or other Thrift Shops that have treasures in them. They are inspiring me to change the way music is being done for myself lately.

Failure is just a Perception

The album I have up called Painting Dolphins on the Wall is 100% influenced by Daniel Johnston he is an inspiration to me and one of the better songwriters I have ever heard. So I try to emulate him in some ways albeit not as well as I would hope. The Casiotone is going to change that I hope… beep beep boop.

I have been submitting the album to some blogs, and no one seems to like it, and that is good. Very good. Failure is just a perception, and if it’s not being understood, then it has to be forgotten or learned from. I think my music may someday be more successful like when I am about 50 something I might be there. I doubt it though too often a perfectionist without the perfection ever attained. Why do it then?

Music is Magic

I am so much creating because I can’t stop at all even if I tried I would be obsessed with creating music and writing lyrics. Today is the first day in a long time I didn’t play guitar or sing. It’s become my daily ritual, and without it, I feel life would be a lot less interesting.

My friend that traveled with me said this one thing that music is magic and it is all that creates reality. I didn’t understand that until things I wrote in songs started to happen in my life in the future. That’s where I will leave off. Grateful to join this community.

Dude is Walk

Painting Dolphins on the-Wall
Happiness Machines
Lately where I am at with music

Artist’s Note
Lo-Fi, Indie, Folk, Electronica, Country
Bipolar Disorder, Goodwill, PTSD, Homelessness, Gratitude, Recovery, Hope, Legacy, inspiration, Cassette, Outsider Art, Weird, Odd

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