Baer and the Lady

by Kalani Baer Henshaw

Baer and the Lady
What’s up! My name is Baer (right) and Connie (left) is my lady. As of 2019, we are officially starving artists. Ok, we have plenty of mac’ n cheese… so, we’re getting by. We are a 2-piece band called Baer and the Lady. At some point last year, I realized that music is as precious as any material thing I’ve ever seen. So precious, it’s worth paying for..

Listen to the song while reading the text.

What makes music so precious??

I think it’s the authenticity of it.

And the addictive Zen that happens when we let ourselves become submersed in emotion.

Whatever reason you have to this question, most of us can agree that a world without music is… unimaginable. Who the hell wants to imagine that?

Art forges connection.

I believe we need connection now more than ever. We need to remember as often as we can how much everything and everyone is connected. True, we need to take this idea from the fringes and allow it to blossom in the middle. We need to enlighten ourselves with love and compassion. And let the habit of shirking self-responsibility… disintegrate.

Be Real.

The writing and recording of Be Real was me realizing that inner-peace is a hard-earned treasure formed through confrontation of painful past experiences with honor, forgiveness and compassion.

It is track #4 on an extremely personal album called Thank You, I Love You. Every song comes from a memory, real or fiction. A memory that I’ve set free.

Thanks for listening! And don’t stop if you don’t want to. Check us out at

Baer and the Lady

Baer and the Lady, Category: Artist, Albums: Thank You, I Love You, Top Tracks: You Fucked Up, When You Comin’ Back, Turn Back Time, Brick by Brick, Be Real, Monthly Listeners: 41, Where People Listen: Seattle, Miami, Gainesville, Aberdeen, Hanoi


Baer and the Lady

Artist’s Note
Gainesville, Florida, Richmond, Virginia
Alternative, Ethereal, Piano Blues Rock
Baer and the Lady, DIY, Alternative, New Shit, Piano Blues Bock

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