The Premium Unleaded Sounds of Gas Station Folk

by Griffin Mang and Gabe Huff

The Premium Unleaded Sounds of Gas Station Folk by Griffin Mang and Gabe Huff aka Yin Waster
Gas stations have always been a cornerstone of exploration. A glimpse into a different world every time you enter those doors lathered in other peoples fingerprints and rust from the hinges. We want to give you that feeling of going head first into a place that has room for exploration, where the possibilities never cease and the road always winding. But the first place every great trip starts and all good travelers go to share their tales is the gas station.

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Yin Waster was founded in Michigan and started in late 2016 as a one-man project by myself, Griffin Mang, where I would write, perform and record every song. The songs that I created were often in a one or two day span, with little understanding of how to properly record music. However, as I put out more and more songs, I gained a better grasp on the nuances of songwriting and recording and began trying my hand at a slew of different song topics and styles. What was the most inspiring to me at this point was the greats of lo-fi music, Neutral Milk Hotel, Daniel Johnston and Phil Elverum’s various projects to name a few. My fanbase was mostly friends, and I would often ask them for feedback on the songs to help improve on my still small understanding of recording and production.

However, in mid-2017 I moved to Chicago for college and began experimenting with different song structures and different writing styles, mostly trying to create a more panoramic sounding style of music, with varying degrees of success. However, finding myself in a new environment gave me more people to bounce ideas off of. My fanbase grew slightly with the few live performances I did, in which I displayed fragments of my unabashed love for the great improvisers of Jerry Garcia, Robby Krieger, and McCoy Tyner. I wanted to expand the songs further than just a few chords and verses and wanted to give the audience a different and unique experience for every show. Nonetheless, I realized this could not be fully achieved as a one-man act. Come the following semester, I put out a flyer stating the following:

“Avant-Garde/Experimental Drummer Wanted, Call If Interested”

The first call I got is from Virginia native Gabe Huff, also attending the same college, who is the provider of abstract drums for Yin Waster combining influences from jazz, hip-hop, and rock. After roughly three rehearsals, we saw ourselves taking these older tunes, that originally were written with just an acoustic guitar, a few overdubs of bass and electric guitar and no drums, and expanding them with a certain level of ease and joy that we both found to be simply wonderful. It was not long before we began writing music together, the music that would become our most recent release, “Old Long Since.” A collection of tunes we are very proud of and are beyond excited for people to hear. We hope you all enjoy the music and stick around for what is to come.

There are many more places to explore.

Yin Waster

Yin Waster, Category: Artist, Albums: The Downward Swing, Singles: Come (Gone) Home, Top Tracks: Huron Road, Leeches, “Last Time”, Good Morning, Flowers for Wayne, Biography: Yin Waster is a musical project from Griffin Mang and Gabe Huff.



Artist’s Note
Michigan, Virginia, Chicago, Midwest
Lo-fi, Lo-fi Rock, Lo-fi Folk, Freak Folk, Dream Pop, Acid Rock, Art Rock, Avant Folk, Homespun, Acoustic Rock
mellow, good vibes, melodic, ballads, gas station folk

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