by Cucumbr Concert

So it’s basically an album all about the struggles
that I have experienced in my life so far,
represented as an audio-stageplay.
It’s divided into six acts and various actors,
that show the story from different perspectives,
with an original and an alternate timeline.

Listen to the album while reading the text.


So the whole thing is based on what happened in the last 18 years that I lived on this planet. The Album/EP is called SMALLTOWNODYSSEY because of the town I used to live in where all the drama took place.

It’s just easier to personify the town as the main bad guy of my story than a single individual. And after I moved away from home when I was 16 years old, I’ve realized how much damage I took from all the events that happened there.

It was mainly a familiar thing that was going on and that I was dragged into. I have left this place with many bad memories and mental illnesses, like a psychosis, among other things…


I recorded the album in my living room, where I have my home studio that I’ve bought from the money that was originally saved for a car. In the beginning, I covered a lot of songs while writing my own, but I never really recorded them.

That was until I had to take some new medications that made my situation worse in the beginning. I had blackouts, and my delusions got worse.

But I basically recorded the whole album in one week, where the symptoms were specially present. I got up at 8 in the morning and recorded one song till it was exactly 1 am, and did that every day till the album was done.

I have great memory loss for that week, and I can’t really remember recording all those songs. But now it’s done.


The album jumps between the original timeline of my story and an alternative one with alternative actors.

The first song ALONE WITH YOU is the most undramatic one. It’s how I imagined finding true love, which then actually happened.
(i wrote the lyrics about 1 1/2 years ago where I didn’t have a Girlfriend yet)

ROSE TINTED CHEEKS is about my father and me. Both of us did very regrettable things, and this song shows the aftermath of it. That’s why the song switches between the perspectives of my father and mine.

CLEAN UP MANis the first appearance of an alternative me, that hasn’t searched for help and went the worst way I could imagine.

THEY CALL ME JAWS is just a lo-fi hip-hop inspired instrumental to calm down the overall tone of the album a little bit.

OMEGAS DEATH is the story of what happened between my mother and my father and is represented in the perspective of my father again.

TRANSFIGURATION is the last song and ends with the short story of my alternative me. Also, in the worst way possible.


  • Don Fargo
  • Guacamole Glen
  • Freddy H.
  • Pablo Black
  • Kenny Muscleman
  • Kanal Kalle
  • Joseph Valley
  • Poe T.

are all alter egos that I have created in the process of recording my album, so I wouldn’t feel so alone.


Experimental Rock, Alternative Rock, Post Punk, Indie Rock

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