Who The He// is Gingy?

by Gingy

Who The He// is Gingy?Hello all! My name is Gingy and I have a zest for life, love, music, and Mother Earth! I just want to give you a small intro into who I am. Here’s hoping you enjoy this short read.

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Originally I started writing music to help me figure out what the heck was going on in my head. Depression was starting to overtake me and I desperately needed a way up and out of that dark hole. Music was always something I’d always done instinctively, from volunteering for choir, pep marching and concert band in elementary school, being a part of the Youth Opera Council, to my a capella group I performed as a part of in high school. Here I earned the nickname ‘Pipes”, something said as a side comment and totally innocuous.

However, I sort of always clung to that like it was a small badge of pride. To me it meant that my voice resonated, it held something in it that deserved to be listened to, and when heard it could shake you to your very foundation. I was regrettably separated from that love of music and veered somewhere along the path of a deep depression. But since finding my way back I only want to craft songs that would inspire someone to begin to enjoy life again, becoming a better person, mantras of sorts. A better person who cares for themselves, cares for life and the creatures that exist upon it.

Music gave me back to me, a concept I hadn’t anticipated. And I’ll forever be grateful for that.
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Honeydew and the Jackal

Honeydew: Proud Chicago native who makes music that’ll inspire you to cry, sing, or move your feet! Currently releasing album #3 with her band LiveSounds. Find her here Inst:@officiallygingy Twitter:@yougotgingy The Jackal: Kirksville born and bred shredder of the gitfiddle. An affinity for the obscure.

My Duet: Honeydew & The Jackal
My Band: LiveSounds
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Honeydew & The Jackal

Artist’s Note
Kirksville, Missouri, Colorado Springs, Chicago
Jazz, funk, alt, Folk, RnB, soul, hip-hop, etheral

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