Wake Forld: Blending Melancholy and Hardcore

by Hrvoje Štefanac

Wake Forld: Blending Melancholy and Hardcore by Hrvoje Štefanac
As a young boy, I went to music school to learn to play the piano. That knowledge helped me to learn how to play the guitar and drums. I listen to a wide range of music genres. After twenty years of playing in hardcore and metal bands, I started with the project Wake Forld because I wanted to unite my favorite music styles.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

I’ve been producing music for less than a year now, as I am still learning how to mix and master more professionally. My creativity mostly comes from taking a keyboard and a lot of hard work :). Since I work in the warehouse full time, I use all my spare time to produce new songs.

I Like ambient, chill music. But I also like aggressive death metal, breakcore stuff. The idea is to blend the soft melancholy aspect and the hardcore drumming and heavy basses.

Hope you like my work.


Artist’s Note
Zagreb, Croatia
Alternative, Death Metal, Drum & Bass, Alternative Rock, Breakbeat, Breakcore, Lo-fi, Post-Rock, Trip Hop
melancholy, hardcore, music producer, recording artist

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