Vienna’s 5K HD play High Definition Jazz

5K HD Jazz

The super-group 5K HD from Vienna travel from Jazz to Pop to Electronica with ease, They remind us very much of Portishead, while they are still creating their very own sound. We feel so honored to welcome our first Austrian musicians as our Artists of the Week #31.Jazz meets Pop

Being already well known in the Austrian and also European Jazz and Improvisation scenes for a very long time, last year the four guys from Kompost 3 pulled together with Schmieds Puls’s front singer Mira as a quintet. During last summer, the new band already performed live a lot around Austria. Shortly afterward in fall, 5K HD recorded their debut album And To In A. The result is a warm and electrifying mix of Jazz, Funk, and Pop. With partly acoustic, partly electronic means they move fluently in jazz, sometimes in dubstep, then again a breakbeat, a funk reef, a prog rock escalation. Everything effortlessly and seamlessly, but without ever losing sight of pop.

Visual esthetics

We not only know and love Jazz music for its instrumental virtuosity, but also for its long history of esthetic visuality. This esthetics shows itself for example in the many amazing and famous album covers. Look at 5K HD’s band pictures, and it will be obvious that the quintet strives for this tradition. That’s why we have built on this self-image with our brand-new audio-visual Soundposter for 5K HD. Enjoy!


5K HD are:

Mira Lu Kovacs – Singing
Manu Mayr – Contra-, E-Bass
Martin Eberle – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Benny Omerzell – Keyboards, Piano
Lukas König – Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer

All five of them have their musical home in the Wiener Jazzwerkstatt, where since 2004 sparking sound ideas have been created that reach far beyond the jazz horizon. The Jazzwerkstatt is very well connected to other similar institutions all over Europe.


Listen to the full album on Bandcamp.
Buy from iTunes.


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