What makes music great? Some background about Spark’s Fighter Squadron

by Keiichi Hirokawa

What makes music great? About backstage of Spark's Fighter Squadron - Fragile by Keiichi Hirokawa
What makes music great? I guess the answer is the uniqueness of your music. I always try to make my music unique and far from standard.

Listen to the single while reading the text.

I used to listen to indie rock, but my music career had started as a Drum & Bass DJ. These days, so many producers try to make the same mood, same style, or sound within a genre. Because this way, it makes it much easier to fit in a DJ set.

Honestly, I was bored with this trend. And I thought again about what makes music great. Fortunately, I found the answer in Indie Rock. It seemed to me that so far, no one had mixed dream pop and drum & bass together – and I believed this would be very interesting! After I quit DJing, I founded a Shoegaze / Dream Pop / Drum & Bass band called Fulcrum.

I started to learn how to play guitar, sing better and tried not to mess up my music with computers. A couple of years later, I founded the solo project called Spark’s Fighter Squadron – the single Fragile is the latest release of SFSQ so far.


Artist’s Note
Tokyo, Japan
Dreampop, Drum & Bass, dnb, Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, Drum and Bass

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