Self Discovery thru Musicianship

by Ksn

Self Discovery thru Musicianship by Ksn
I have yet to come across any profession that is as rewarding, fulfilling, and promising as well as depressing & anxiety-inducing as being a musician. It’s peaks & valleys to it, but there’s more beauty in it than most people will ever know.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Music has afforded me so much self-discovery that I wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else. Since I’ve always been more of a fly on the wall, I never said much & usually kept to myself, it gives me the space to express me in my most organic form. It allows me to feel things on more of a natural & instinctually level.

Which leads me to “Visuals.” I wrote it in the height of police brutality & economic turmoil in 2015. I didn’t go into saying “this is what I want the project to be about” etc., it just happened that way. It is far from being about police brutality and such but more an inspirational piece that I create. After feeling what I felt about what was going on in the world at that time & me personally experiencing some of those misfortunes that people were feeling, I went into the studio, recorded, & those were the songs that came out.

This is how I usually structure & create music. I perceptually base the birth of any song that I create not off if the lyrics are the most extravagant or if the music is produced by the best producers but strictly on how it makes me feel at the specific moment in time. In my mind, my sound is an energy, a feeling. It’s an introspective, free-spirited, the world inside your head type of sound so for me it can have different elements to it that don’t necessarily revolve around the traditional way of making music as I will be looking to express in my newest work “iNtrovertigo” set to release in 2019.


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Artist’s Note
Houston, Texas, New York
Hip-Hop, Rap, Alternative, Experimental, Lo-Fi

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