Prince Levy Music… The journey continues

by Prince Levy

Prince Levy Music... The journey continues
It all began in Westmoreland Jamaica for me: A young Reggae artist, who grew up in the same local community where the iconic Peter Tosh was born, set out at a very early age to make his mark in music. Surrounded by luscious canefields and a landscape that produce some of Jamaica’s best cannabis, I had all the motivation I needed to fully pursue my musical journey.

” I remember times when my family only had two Vinyl records, Celine Dion and Dennis Brown, we would listen till they got scratched. Then after we stopped listening, I would attempt to reproduce the sounds I identified with to my family.”

Recognizing my talents from the age of 8 years old, a music teacher gave me the opportunity to do vocal production. After this, nothing was the same. In 2000 I entered my first JCDC music competition where I earned gold medals yearly till I was 15-year-old.

Realizing my pursuits needed guidance, I left Westmoreland and moved to Kingston, Jamaica. During that time, I met my earliest producer Jermaine “Jay Edge” Williams. At this point, 2009, I began recording a slew of singles in our home-based studio which started in my mothers’ car, later relocated to Jermain’s home.

As the music grew, I was able to perform more on stage with the likes of Toots and The Maytals, Lust, Marcia Griffiths and many more top-tier artists. With this growth, I started attracting radio play which caught the ears of legendary Grammy Winning Producer, DJ Frass, Giddimani Records/House of music and other big-time producers. With Singles like: “London Bridge, Highgrade, and Weedman” I have continued to carve my way through to the ears of a growing audience.

My music is one that represents the heart of the people, soul food.

Get to know Prince Levy more. Listen my newest to my oldest tracks. Be a part of musical history!

Prince Levy to deliver debut album (Jamaica Star)

Artist’s Note
Westmoreland, Kingston, Jamaica
Reggae, Dancehall
young, guidance, growth, soul food

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