Your special rewards for crowdfunding Kris Angelis’ new EP

Your special rewards for crowdfunding Kris Angelis' new EP
You better hurry up! Get your special bundle and help Kris Angelis make her new EP “Pieces that were stolen.” Because there are only three days left, and you won’t get one of these packages afterward.

Whatever amount you donate, you will receive a digital copy of Kris’ EP before it is released. In addition, Kris has prepared ten packages in her crowdfunding, starting from $15 up to $2,500.

Most popular

“I think the most popular package is the $50 one, where you get your name on the CD.¬†Unfortunately, that one is already over. Because I have already finalized and sent in the CD artwork to be printed.”

“Now it’s a signed poster along with the previous rewards.”

Vinyl special

“The direct to vinyl recording was great! I went to Leesta Vall studio in Brooklyn, NY. They set me up in a little sound booth, and I just played a bunch of my songs live and solo with a bit of intro at the beginning.”

“The machine was carving it into the clear vinyl right at the moment. I wish I could have seen it being done. But of course, I couldn’t because I was singing in a different room!”

There’s much more!

These are just two of the ten bundles. Watch the video below and go to Kris’ homepage. And get one of the packages. Help her finish the EP with your donation. And, I’m sorry to say, you have only three days left to contribute!

Pre-order the new EP now with special bundles to help make the record!
Buy tickets for the CD Release show on July 21st
Pre-order the new EP on iTunes

California, Los Angeles
Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Folk
vinyl, crowdfunding

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