Music performed in a Magical Path

by Daniel Fumega

Music performed in a Magical Path by Daniel Fumega
There is a form of magic in life that allows us to flow kindly, and that magic is born from the nature of our thoughts.

“We receive all we venture to give” – from : Ritual: Nous Sommes Du Soleil – Tales from Topographic Oceans – YES

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Once, as a child, I heard a song that said:

Nothing comes from nothing,
Nothing ever could,
So somewhere in my youth or childhood,
I must have done something,
Something good

After that something inside me expanded like a flash of sense of truth and many beautiful things began to unfold.

The Chemistry of the Moment

Since 1975 I started reading Oriental literature, in its different forms, and I started creating relaxation music for theater plays, for free, as a Service, and people wanted to have that music to meditate ; the magical thing was that Life seemed to have taken me by the hand because I was making that music for pleasure, since I was an industrial chemist. Magically, an influential person asked me for two hundred copies of my first job for a Convention in Buenos Aires. They disappeared in a few hours. I was in the right place at the right time.

Then another person told me : “this should  be public knowledge”, and later someone else introduced me to the most important Editorial of Spiritual Books in Buenos Aires, who invited me to market my music, Everything semed to take me by the hand again, kindly, like a leaf in the wind.

At that time I worked for a major international company as a chemist, but I wanted to leave that job to devote myself fully to my first Love, Music. So one day, I happily left chemistry, and then, retired in my home, I could do one piece of work after another : Sounds of Nature, Guided Meditations, Mantras, Music for Reiki, all in physical CDs. The same people guided me with their suggestions. My music was and is a form of Service.

Beautiful Feedback

In the course of time I received the most varied comments, people who thanked me because some family member had recovered in a hospital relaxing with my works, others used it to make love, others passed in peace towards The Other Shore of Life listening to it, many had been helped in difficult moments of their Lives : Beautiful feedback.

What more can a musician ask? I know that I am not a popular artist, that I do not have thousands of fans, but this does not surprise or disturb me, not too many people decide to live a quiet life ; usually adrenaline and vertigo are preferred, but it does not matter ; for those who need this kind of music, it will be available. Of course I know I ‘m not the only one making this style of music, which is good.

Like the Controls of a Spaceship

Now that the Internet has grown so much, and that streaming is the most popular way of listening to music, I feel in my Studio as sitting before the controls of a spaceship in the Cosmos, sending music creations to every corner of the planet, everything is easier than before, reports say that one theme has been heard by more than a million people, it is all very encouraging.

Recently I joined a world community of composers of the most diverse musical styles : we are in contact and I think we are influencing each other, so I will very likely start dealing with other less meditative genres, but they will always keep a harmonious constructive nature.

We artists can influence the public and this demands responsibility and reflection, as we are sowers of harmonies, ideas, memories.

My material is scattered all over the Internet, distributed mainly from CDBaby, although I also have a YouTube channel and there is also a page on Bandcamp, in addition to the usual Facebook and Instagram.

Daniel Fumega

Daniel Fumega, Category: Artist, Albums: Aguas de Vida (Edición SLM), Trilogía, Reiki Sublime Energía, Reiki Aguas de Vida, Música para Meditar, Vol.


Artist’s Note
Modern Classical, New Age, Soundtrack, Ambient, World
mantras, relax, meditative, soft music, ecology, meditation, reiki, natural sounds

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  1. I always like the music of my friend Daniel, he does an amazing work with music, plenty of inspiration from the upper spheres, or if you like from the soul & spirit. It’s a remarkeable work, that undoubfully fills the phisical ambience with real positive vibrations. Highly recommended.

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