“Look at what you’ve done”


Look at what you've done by DEADLILBOY
You ever catch yourself listening to your favorite musician, band, or whatever it is you spend the most time on with headphones in. Only to be interrupted by an advertisment every single song change? Umm, yeah, that is the level I am trying to get you to help me reach.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

Who am I?

I am regarded as an unknown, open-minded artist who prefers to be an aloof or mysterious figure within the scenes he operates in, that mostly involve suicidal gestures on social media and edgy, sexually-themed photos portraying gothic/grunge women. I am also regarded as a semi-mentally insane adolescent that likes to play basketball with friends, paint nails, and wear excessive amounts of jewelry, chokers, and makeup.

What am I?

What I am perceived as, is a goth, feminine cuck, overzealously aggressive fighter… and anything suicidal really.

Where am I?

The only thing I will say about that at most is that I live in the United States.

What is your music about?

Since no one ever asks me, I know I always have too much to say about it, so I will try to make it sweet and simple. My music is a twisted spine ripped out and straightened flat several times after being stomped on and thrown right back into the body… or sometimes it is like you have just been given several different types of drugs all at once. I have severe mood swings and whatever emotion comes out of them and into my music is what you get.

Why do you make music?

It gives me purpose and nothing I have done with my life so far ever really has. I plan to do more with it than just make songs for the rest of my life… the world is too big for that.

How long have you been active?

Since March 1st of 2018

Anything else to know about you?

Rapping, Singing, or whatever the hell it is I do has changed my life drastically and only in such a short period; I used to have really bad speech impediments, moderately-severe induced depression, and no plans of a career. All of that shit has changed for the better and only for the better.


DEADLILBOY, Category: Artist, Singles: Fully Formal Discard, Affinity, Disloc, I Called Suicide Hotline and They Told Me to Hang Myself, Top Tracks: Disloc, Affinity, I Called Suicide Hotline and They Told Me to Hang Myself, Biography: “Look at what you've done”, Monthly Listeners: 8, Where People Listen: Guildford, Winchester, Bristol, Sonning, Troutman

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The Hellspawn
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Artist’s Note
Alt-Rock, Punk, Screamo, R&B, Folklore, Hip Hop & Rap
sad grunge, aesthetic


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