KC to LA: A Westward Pilgrimage

by Heads or Heads

KC to LA: A Westward Pilgrimage by Heads or Heads

When I stepped out of LAX and into the warm evening air I suppose I fell in love.

Kansas City, as much as I adore it and feel proud to represent, will never be as warm as Los Angeles was that night in mid-December, nor will it evoke the feelings of excitement and hope that still exist within. So when you grow up in a rural place it’s not uncommon to dream of bigger things – in the back of my mind LA was always the destination.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

That 3-night/4-day trip with my partner was not only sublime, it was motivational. To that point I had only released one album – a 10-track debut I made by myself over the course of 2 months in my apartment – all about my infatuation and friendship with my then-friend, now-lover. That album came easy. I was in love, I was conflicted, I was exploring the edges of friendship and romance and balancing life between 2 jobs and film school. It also helped that I made the album as a gift for her, not intended to ever be released to mass audiences. Yet, with her encouragement, I did put it out to the world. Thousands of people have listened to it from dozens of countries – and every day I gain more fans because of it.

Yet in the months after that release I could not for the life of me create anything new. There was not a singular driving force like before – we were now together, happily. Then the idea of a trip out west came to mind. We both wanted to go to LA, and we decided to do it.

So anyways, back to LAX, we left there and headed into the night and the events that unfolded have now found their way to my next album Low Angles. Not that it should be taken too literally or anything, but the track listing is a chronological retelling of the places we went, the people we met, and the things we did.

The photos that litter my social media accounts and bandcamp page are all taken by us – in fact, the album cover of three palm trees is a film photo my partner snapped at a schoolyard. And 12 months after the trip it’s finally done, and I cannot wait to release it to the world.

Heads or Heads

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