It’s Not Dirt. It’s Soil.

by Leverett Craig

It's Not Dirt. It's Soil. Leverett Craig

Dandelions, when they die, become just as beautiful as they were when alive. That can make the mind wary and set in wondering; “What will you leave for the world when you’re gone?”

We all want to build the broadest and strongest building that’ll stand high for ages, but once before as always, someone will build something better.

Don’t bother building the best.
Build what is yours.
If it happens to be the best then, kudos to you kiddo.

It’s never just Dirt. It’s always Soil
Respect what lies before your feet.

Eat and Enjoy you Fools,

Folk music Failure:
Leverett Craig

Eat and Enjoy you Fools
Instagram: @kzadeii

Artist’s Note
Bloomington, Indiana
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