27 Years…

by Zach Allen

27 Years... by Zach Allen
Hello. After 27 years of being scared to sing in front of anyone, I am jumping into the deep end and showing a side of myself for the first time in my life. Read about my journey, but more importantly listen to my music because the music is more important than anything else.

Doubt. That is the word I have been looking for as I started writing this post. Doubt. It is the word that describes exactly how I have felt for the last 27 years, my whole life. Doubt. In myself. Doubt. In my words. Doubt. In my voice.

I have been held back too long by myself. I acknowledge that I am my own greatest enemy. Now is the time for me to break free from myself. From my doubt. From everything that has held me back from living how I want to live. My name is Zach Allen, and I am ready to share my music, my words, and my voice.





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