Goat Girl release stunning Debut Album

Goat Girl release stunning Debut Album

It’s like living in the 80’s again! South London’s girl-gang Goat Girl release their debut album on Rough Trade. 19 songs in 40 minutes. Taking the energy from punk, but experimenting with different genres.

A Debut like a Best Of

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, there were many bands that had their origins in the punk movement but weren’t satisfied with three chords. The Pop Group, for example,  mixed funk, free jazz, and dub to their original sound. The Slits, after making pure noise in the beginning, found their sound in Reggae. In L.A., the Gun Club became one of the best live bands with their punky country-blues music.

Goat Girl follows that tradition. But they do not go down one road only, it’s like they wanted to record a Best Of the avant-garde post-punk movement from almost forty years ago.

While the attitude would have fit perfectly into the British early 80’s scene, their sound has more similarities to US artists like the already mentioned Gun Club or Tom Waits. Still, every song is very different, but the DIY sound and the catchy vocals hold the album together.

The Man, for example, would have been a perfect song on any Gun Club Record.

The Goat Girl

In the summer of 2016, Goat Girl signed a deal with Rough Trade. Then still in their teens, the four counted as one of the UK’s most promising bands. Now, in their early 20s, singer Clottie Cream, guitarist LED, bassist Naima Jelly, and drummer Rosy Bones still sound very youthful.

If you happen to have the chance, don’t miss to see them live on their forthcoming tour in Europe and North America.

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