Productive Beat Maker Max Keeble

Productive Beat Maker Max Keeble

Max Keeble from New Jersey and our artist of the week last September, has been very productive lately. We can find a series of new releases from the beat maker on Bandcamp.


The EP Mistermax has two short chilling tracks, more idea sketches than full songs. Coins is a typical Max Keeble beat, Can You Pass The L is has a Brazilian touch. Both have some vocals.

Ultra (Beat Tape)

This selection is part of a full album, that should be released soon. With its six songs and a running time of only twelve minutes, it is still short. But the tracks already appear to be full songs, all with that typical Max Keeble vibe.

Speed Racer

Speed Racer is the one EP in this selection that is also on Spotify. The songs are still short, but mostly between two and three minutes. It would be interesting to hear this with vocals.

Blue Mile

The three tracks on the EP Blue Mile are all very well elaborated. The opening Trixie certainly stands out with its catchy Saxophone.

Apart from these EPs, there are three single tracks, Wasted Youth ZZZ along with a video.

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