From A to Z

by Arjen Ordeman

From A to Z by Arjen Ordeman

It all starts somewhere. A chord, a riff, a bass line, a drum beat, a melody. And it flows from there. Creativity and experimentation chart a course from the first note to the final measure.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

Music is more than sound, like life is more than just living. It goes much deeper – to feeling, to meaning. Sometimes it comes quick. Sometimes you have to tease it out. But you know when you have found it because it feels right.

And the sounds match the feeling. Or the feelings match the sound. So you listen, you learn, embrace and adapt. A landscape emerges. Layers of sentiment, layers of sound. Worlds of emotions are lost and then found.

Then so are the words. They color the sound and contribute to meaning. They can tell a story and hide a story. They can leave little to the imagination or leave the door wide open. Sometimes both.

It all comes together as song. Listen and sing along..

Arjen Ordeman

Arjen Ordeman. Surrey, British Columbia. DIY recording artist, one man ensemble, strummer, plunker, groove maker.

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Artist’s Note
Surrey, BC
Alt, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

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