Facing limits

by Mauro Iuliano

Facing limits by Mauro Iuliano
At first, it was all about expanding my limits. Likewise many artists, I had always seen them as a barrier, before understanding, they were my best friend.

Listen to the album “Hidden Roots” while reading the story.

When I started my EP “Hidden Roots,” its name was, in fact, “Facing Limits.” For the first time in my life, I was ready to show all of them to the public. I thought, “never mind, everybody’s got them, no matter how fast you can go on piano, there will always be somebody that will be able to do it faster”. And then, I started playing with them. Playing with limits so hard, to begin writing and playing the guitar, an instrument I could barely touch. This choice gave me a chance to even increase them, play with them at the highest height.

And so the music flowed, finally balanced between my ideas, the invisible knowledge dictated by the ear, and my lacking of technique. What came out at the end, was not my fear to face my limits, but my hidden music roots. Hidden by years of trying to follow the genre and rules of success, suppressed by the fear of being myself. I enjoyed it so much. And now I’m free. And the name of my EP is “Hidden Roots.”


Iuliano, Category: Artist, Singles: Not a Sound, The Hidden Root (Smart Edit), The Hidden Root, Comfortable Lies, Who Knows, Top Tracks: Not a Sound, Who Knows, The Hidden Root, The Hidden Root – Smart Edit, Comfortable Lies, Biography: Intimate vocals and cryptic lyrics float above an orchestral palette; electric and nylon string guitars counterbalance complex harmonies and spectral electronica., Monthly Listeners: 4908, Where People Listen: London, Paddington, Walthamstow, Rugby, City of Westminster

Artist’s Note
indie rock, Folk, foltronica
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