A Lot has Changed Since Highschool

by Joshua Lenzo

A Lot has Changed Since Highschool by Joshua Lenzo

A lot has changed since high school; you get older, you get just as confused, and you don’t see those people that you used to see. You drift apart from those people that you were closest to. There’s nothing wrong with that, you go to different universities and fall into different friend groups, and you change as a person.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

I am 20 now, and it’s been three years since I graduated. I guess in an attempt to express my emotions and really seek out who I am as a person I started the John Zealous project. I had drum lessons when I was a kid, but I taught myself some guitar, a bit of bass and some basic chords on piano to help me get started. My music is a passion project, an indie lo-fi aesthetic with hints of rock and shoegaze, I like to do on the side whilst balancing work and university study.

My recent release, EP2, is permeated with my high school experiences. Most of the songs are inspired and drawn from people I know and events I’ve seen occur. This is most prevalent in track 2, an ode to my friends and those that were closest that I don’t see as much as I would like to anymore. I guess some of my angst is still present, I don’t think I got it all out during my time at school. I guess high school was such a weird time in my life, as well as everyone elses, that I am still able to draw from these experiences to aid me in my writing.

I hope you enjoy my EP and don’t be afraid to listen to my first release (came out a couple weeks ago) that my friend and collaborator Joseph Bergl played some lead guitar on the big track. I appreciate and I am thankful for any new listeners, please get in contact with me via socials to tell me what you think and say hi!


Perth, Australia
Alternative, Indie, Indie Rock
bedroom, lo-fi, DIY, bedroom pop, high school

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