Welcome to Level 42!

by Charlie Finck

Welcome to Level 42! by Charlie Finck

Hey, Free Souls out there! Come on and join my new wave of Sound!

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Well……you are just 15 years old……its just 1991…..you say I’m gonna buy a record……you ended buying 4………lets say it was Lies-Appetite and Use your illusion I & II by…who knows…..u know¬†about the guys…..then you put all that thru your Head N Soul right thru your Veins…….all in one and then you shake it…….well….see what u got. A Molotov Cocktail just gets short.

Music was Home, and Home was Complicity as a perfect machinery to recycle my own intern chaos, and it just turned up being something just……..Beautiful. You can change a lot of things in your life, but Music has never lost an inch of the passion and that lifeboat sent in the middle of my storms and oceans ……….just saved my life forever.

This is me, Charlie Finck, and this is my Story.

Influenced by bitter anger jungle screams and soul electric perfect riffs I received the wake-up call and never let the phone shutdown. I rather not eat I rather not sleep.

Incredible or not In the past years I just had another shake in the head by a new wave of influences like Robin Finck and Buckethead. Those two among those forever from my past just pushed me to go Instrumental and experiment other walls of sounds.

The result is Welcome to Level 42! a saga consisting of 5 Instrumental Albums inspired on all those legendary guys from the Old and the New Guard. I go different approaches from Chill Out, Alternative, Rock, Blues to Hard Rock and Electronica.

I’m just about to Release the 1st one, “PACIFIC RIM” which brings a total 360 wave of spherical kind of sound and ambient climax in some chill out mode.

Hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I did in the making.

If you had a moment for me, thank you!

Music changes the world because Music changes the people and we the people transform the world with the Power of our Hands and the Magic of our Imagination.

Take care u all. Rock on. Be free.

Charlie Finck


Artist’s Note
Spain, Europe, Barcelona

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