A Change of Perspective

by Causa

Runaway - A Change of Perspective, by Causa

With roots in alt-rock, pop, indie, and post-rock, our band Causa are made up of individuals that have an eclectic taste for music.

Listen to the song while reading the text.


The song Runaway, our first and so far only single, is a look at perspective. When outlook seems bleak, a change of perspective can often show that one may just be focusing on the small blemishes rather than looking at the larger beautiful image that lies before them.

Rather than running away and hiding away because of the small things that seem significant, we can focus our perspective on the blessings and beautiful aspects of our lives that truly make up the bigger picture.


We hope to create a sound that is focused and intentional by blending dynamic emotional sound with a groovy “danceable” beat. Music that is moody and moving, but delivers it with catchy riffs and choruses that anybody can enjoy and identify with.

Currently, we are in the studio to record our debut EP “Learn To Fall.” In the meantime, you can find cell phone recordings of all the songs on our Bandcamp page (link below).
Causa is:
Vocals- Da Bear
Guitar- Yanny
Bass- Scu

Drums- The Fish



Gainesville, Florida
Alternative, Indie Rock
alt-rock, alt-indie, Pop, Indie, post-rock, perspectives

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