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The multinational eight-piece collective Superorganism, who met via music forums in 2016 and now lives together in a house together in east London, just released their self-titled debut-album on Domino Records.

Superorganism, who we already introduced earlier this year in our post about the Eurosonic Festival, mix cartoon noises and quirky pop melodies to a unique brand. Their 2017 single Everybody Wants To Be Famous, for example, fuses the sounds of cash registers ringing and squelching synths.

From their attitude, they remind me very much of the Schottish indie pop band BIS from the 90s but driving their “Kandy Pop” much further.

In their not too enthusiastic review, the NME also writes about the recording of the album: “The album was also recorded in their new living quarters, with songs passed from room to room between members via email, with each then adding their bit on the production line. As a result, there are knowing nods to elements on earlier tracks: the dreamy guitar twang first heard on ‘Nobody Cares,’ for instance, pops up later on ‘Reflections On The Screen’ – and the same video game bleeps are peppered throughout the album’s 35-minutes. It often feels like an in-joke that we’re allowed in on.”

As a whole, the album can’t catch up with last year’s fantastic singles Something For Your M.I.N.D. and Everybody Wants To Be Famous. But since both songs are on the album, it might still make sense to buy it.


Also available on iTunes.


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