Not My Circus

Not My Circus

Not My Circus, the band of our Artist of the Week David Ernsberger, makes alt-pop songs with folk-tinged vocal harmonies skipping over a freak show of psych-blues riffs, soulful bass grooves, wonky funk beats and warm electronic textures. A white-knuckle ride to the edge of your musical map, and back again.

Besides David, members of the band are Jake Alexander, Sally Fazakerley, Ben Gibson and Benja Bravo. Although they are based in Madrid, Spain, they origin from four different continents.

Their 2017 Demos contains cover versions of songs by Cheap Trick, Elle King, Journey, 4 Non Blondes and Brian Adams.

They also do excellent originals, like the song One From The Lung or the more recent Pitiable Lover. But, most of all, they are an amazing live band, be it in a club, on the streets or in a living room.

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