It’s Hard…

by Blue Cougars

It's Hard... by Blue Cougars
Poised to play a series of shows supporting a brand new album, COVID happened. The music industry is always in a state of change, but what does a band do when everything changes in one week?

Listen to the song while reading the text.

Blue Cougars has been many things over the years. The latest incarnation explores the blues…our attempt at it anyway.

Initially started as a basement project, ‘The Cougz’ have morphed through many different styles; from art-rock, to post-punk and now to jazz and blues. As artists living in Toronto, Canada we had no shortage of gigs to play and shows to see. After we completed our 2018 album “Behind You!” (a full on Art/Post Punk concept album) we received little support from the music community at large. Apart from our friends and families, it seemed that our finely crafted songs were difficult for people to ‘get’. Fun art work, ‘zine’s and a crazy full size big foot diorama didn’t generate any interest from arts grants or college radio.

Rejection is a key component to any artists’ life. Being ‘good at rejection’ is crucial……except it sucks.

With this in mind we began playing covers. We formed a Rolling Stones cover band. In the cover band we covered songs that the Stones covered. Then we started covering pop and disco, etc. We began playing restaurants and street festivals more than grungy Toronto ‘rock’ bars. Playing to the general public and not ‘rock’ fans/friends proved to be enlightening. We began trying to write OUR sound with a relatable form in mind: Blues!. We came up with a five song EP “Blue Is The Only Colour” – inspired by the Rolling Stones’ early EP releases.

“Blue Is The Only Colour” is five songs exploring raw, relatable, human emotions. Thanks for listening.

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Toronto, Canada
Blues, Blues-Rock, Post Punk

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