My Title is Singer-Songwriter

by Jason Buice

My Title is Singer-Songwriter by Jason Buice

I get asked several times a day what I do for work, and this is while I’m on the job. I make most of my money as a rideshare driver, but I consider myself a singer-songwriter and musician. So when the question comes up, “Is this your full-time job?” I happily reply part-time and ask if they would like to hear my music. I’ve made some great connections this way, and it really helped me prepare for the release of my new ep “Both Sides.”

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

I started writing songs around the age of 16. I was drawn to music from a young age, and my parents encouraged it growing up. I listened to records and radio from a very young age, and music became a part of me that’s difficult to explain to others unless you’re a musician and completely get it. “Music is ingrained in me” is a good phrase, but there’s also the pain I feel when I’m not working on my music. I started playing in a band my last year of high school, and there were a few more bands in college. However, I really enjoy letting a song come to me, writing the song and then taking it to a producer to develop.

But let me get back to rideshare. I listen to a lot of jazz when I’m doing ride share. No words allows people to relax. I’ve had so many riders compliment the music and it’s just jazz baby. I find inspiration and beauty beyond words when I listen to jazz, especially Stan Getz. It must be that saxophone. Sometimes I get asked if ride share is my full time job. it’s where I make most of my money, but I take the opportunity to explain I’m a singer-songwriter/musician. For the past year I was able to talk about working on the album in the studio and play some of the rough tracks. It was nerve wracking playing my music for a complete stranger, but the response was genuine and positive. And it gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed.

The beauty of rideshare is that it gives me the freedom to make my music, promote it and tour. Now that the album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp, I’ve been sending out copies to local radio stations and college/public radio stations all over the U.S. I am very lucky to live in a city with a ton of support for local artists. In the past week, three of my songs were played on three different radio shows at 90.1fm KKFI! This always feels like an honor because I’ve listened to this station and dreamed of being on it since I was 18. I also sent out CDs along with my one sheet to college and public radio stations all over the U.S. Hoping this leads to some amazing opportunities.

My advice to anyone wanting to make music is: just do it. Set realistic goals: I want to play live, I want to record an album, I want to be played on the radio… and do the work. Write the songs, find and book the gigs, ask folks to help you. More often than not, a lot of people want to see you succeed. And more than anything, enjoy yourself. Don’t stress!

Thank you for reading my blog entry. I hope you enjoy “Both Sides.”

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